Thursday, 18 March 2010

still here...

... I am!  Really, I am!  This year has flown past so far... and I suppose it's almost April?  We had three burst pipes in January (as part of the "big thaw") and then my cousin died (he was only 42)... and then, of course, the anniversary of my dad's death... milestones, moments (and the odd disaster in the form of burst pipes) - it's funny how, before you know it, two months have passed!  The burst pipe damage is an ongoing joy.

Erin is now 8 months old.  She's at a great age and very communicative (i.e. she says "hiya" 142 times per hour) and lots of fun.  I've been doing a fair bit of card making (albeit I haven't posted many of my creations, I appreciate; you can see some - but by no means all - on my other blog).  I've been scrapbooking more than card making, though; Erin is a great subject!  A couple of recent pages (neither of which involves Erin, oddly!):-

I've used Maya Road mists on both of these... I'm currently obsessed with misting everything which doesn't move fast enough.  There are worse vices.

We were on holiday in Crail again during February and had a great time.  I'll finish up with a photo taken on Tentsmuir beach.  As you can see, the weather was pretty good for most of the week.  The mutt had a great time and his little paws were walked and walked... he found a cricket ball and a tennis ball on this particular day and the look of excitement (and confusion - which to choose?!) on his face was classic.


Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy new year!  Are we supposed to be saying "two thousand and ten" or "twenty ten"...?  I keep hearing people saying the latter, but wouldn't really have thought of it otherwise, to be honest. 

I'm trying to catch up with my posting backlog... this is a birthday card made for my mother-in-law towards the end of December.  The background stamp is by Hero Arts and I coloured it with markers and covered it with Stardust Stickles glitter glue... easy to make (albeit slightly time-consuming), although I like the outcome.  I recall making the card on the first day in December when we had snow for the majority of the day, so the flowers seemed a bit ironic at the time.

The novelty of snow has long since worn off for me. It's like an ice rink around here and it's almost impossible to walk anywhere.  I don't recall having in excess of two solid weeks of snow and ice during my lifetime in this neck of the woods, so it's very alien weather indeed.  We've had temperatures well below zero every single night and the sheet ice is treacherous.  I wish it would go away!  To add to the fun, the cold water infill pipe to the washing machine in the garage seems to have frozen, so the washing machine hasn't been working for a week or so (except perhaps around 1pm some days when it thaws slightly)... it's fortunate that I have another machine in the kitchen or I'd be engulfed by Erin's washing mountain.