Saturday, 31 October 2009

good friend

As the heading would suggest... a card made for a very good friend of mine as a thank you card.  First off, I have to say that this is NOT my design!  I saw something very similar on the internet whilst browsing once, but unfortunately I have forgotten where I spotted it.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make a version of it... it's so pretty.  I think the card I saw had more white (literally layers and layers of white, which was lovely - it made such an impact!) and white ribbon with glitter on the base layer. 

As usual, I've gone overboard with brown sponging around the edges of everything... and I don't think the original had that at all (as I say, it was just white - and perfect for being white!).  This is the first time ever that I've knowingly tried to copy another card; I'm not very good at copying stuff - I just make whatever comes into my head.  I just loved it so much that I had to copy it and I had to share...  We've had non-stop torrential rain all day today and no daylight to speak of, so I'm afraid the photos are a bit dark again.

Lastly... happy halloween!  Here's a photo of Erin in her pumpkin outfit... I'm afraid this photo isn't very good either; it was taken on my 'phone and I can't be bothered to upload the decent photos from the camera at the moment!

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