Tuesday, 27 October 2009

halloween treat bag toppers...

Classic: today I woke up to one of the most grim days ever in terms of weather... really dark, raining heavily - a typical Scottish day, really.  I then read on the internet that October is to be a "heatwave" month... one of the warmest on record.  This week, in particular, is to be very warm "as far north as Glasgow" (and I quote).  Is someone having a laugh?  It's around 2pm here at the moment and it's like the middle of the night - almost no daylight whatsoever! 

Anyway... here are some of my Halloween treat bag toppers.  I've stamped the kids' names on the back in black ink surrounded by some more stamped orange stars.  They were easy to make, but I think they look quite effective. The base cardstock is Pumpkin Pie from Stampin' Up! and I've distressed everything with black ink.  The photos aren't the best, I'm afraid... did I mention that we have no daylight?!

Erin has a pumpkin outfit for Halloween and Marley has a Scooby Doo outfit... I couldn't find a matching pumpkin outfit for him. 

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