Wednesday, 28 October 2009

three weeks

Three weeks... a scrapbook page of Erin when she was three weeks old.  I love this black and white photo of her; she was staring intently at a cuddly toy and frowning because she wasn't sure what it was.  She frowns at anything new!  As usual, I've distressed everything in sight with as much ink as possible (and I've used lots of stamps too, but you probably can't see much of the detail terribly well in the photo... which was taken yesterday during the darkest day ever!).

I made this layout for a Cocoa Daisy challenge.  It's a bit like a scrapbooking game of Chinese Whispers... the first person is given a layout and told to "lift" it and so on and so forth until the last person (which was me, as it turns out).  I quite enjoyed doing it as I don't normally work from sketches - I actually find it more difficult than just creating something from my head!  It's always interesting to see how the different pages translate and how people use a sketch in their own way.

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