Thursday, 8 October 2009

high five

Marley did a hysterical thing today... I'd been hyperventilating waiting for the UPS man to deliver my Stampin' Up! order... he eventually appeared at 3.30.  Marley is trained to do a "high five" either when you say "high five" or when you hold your hand out flat at a height... it involves him slowly jumping up (not aggressively; he gently stands on his back feet - a bit like a dog-meerkat) and putting his front paws on your hand and then quickly jumping down again. Unfortunately, the poor mutt thought the UPS man wanted a high five when he held out his hand with the signature machine!  Marley gently put two paws on the machine and went back down to sitting position waiting patiently for a reward for his efforts. I swear I had tears running down my face and the UPS guy was in hysterics (probably made his day, I think!).  I wish I'd managed to catch it on camera. 

Amongst other things, I got two lovely packs of paper... one blue-toned one and one Christmas set... think I'll use them to make cards, though, rather than scrapbook.

I got Erin a pumpkin Halloween outfit from Sainsbury's yesterday... cute matching pumpkin slippers too.  I also ended up buying a pumpkin t-shirt (it was only £2.50 and I couldn't resist) and some funky autumn-coloured tights.  I haven't bought baby clothes from Sainsbury's before, but they had quite a few nice things. I also couldn't resist some Russian doll vest/t-shirts... loved the colours and they were only £8 for 7... which seemed like a bargain.  I put one on her this morning and they look even better than I expected (and the quality feels pretty good too).  I have a serious baby clothes addiction, I think... between that and craft stuff. The end product is that I'll be walking around like a tramp and Erin will be dressed beautifully (and I'll have enough paper to wallpaper my way around the world at least twice).  I just need to get Marley's halloween outfit and then I'll be all sorted. I'm having real difficulty finding a pumpkin outfit for him, so it's down to a choice of wonder woman, scooby doo and tweetiepie (found on the internet).  I have a feeling that he doesn't want to wear last year's spiderman number again.

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