Wednesday, 7 October 2009

mini books

I've decided that I'm working on too many mini books at once. I mean... look at this pile!  I chucked the one I'd been working on back on the pile this morning and heard the thud... and immediately thought it merited a photo.  Disaster.  I need to get some of them finished and moved out of the "to do" pile.  I get bored working on one thing, you see... but I think it can be suffocating to have too many on the go at the same time (with the result that I get nothing done).  I don't seem to have much free time nowadays either (babies take up a lot of time - but I'm not complaining!), so that makes it twice as bad.

I managed to make four identical cupcake birthday cards last night (well... I finished them off this morning).  I needed three for October birthdays and I kept a fourth as a sample for my Stampin' Up! sample folder.  If you're interested in more info on how to make them, click here.  I was going for the autumnal look!  Autumn is by far my favourite season.

It isn't raining today, so that's a result. I suppose there's time yet!  (Black clouds were looming, but seem to have passed by without incident).  I've had to put the heating on twice today, mind you, but it looks like quite a nice day aside from that... and we've even had some sunshine!

I'm absolutely starving, so off to get some food. I don't seem to be eating well with Erin on the scene. I feel as though I'm running from one disaster to another and don't have time to make any food!  I suppose it will just take me time to adjust; she's three months old now - time flies!

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